All About Extended Validation SSL Certificates for Your Website

EV ssl certs for your websiteAll About Extended Validation SSL Certificates for Your Website

If you want to install an EV SSL Certificate, you must know all about Extended Validation SSL Certificates for your website so that you will be able to install it properly and take advantage of all of its benefits. EV SSL Certificates are very efficient website protection tools that you should get to know so that you will be able to protect your website and visitors with the highest form of protection that you can find online.

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Extended Validation SSL Certificates

An SSL Certificate or Secure Socket Layer is a security technology that provides protection to websites, particularly ecommerce sites. Through the green address bar and secure padlock that visitors can find at the address bar of the ecommerce website that they are visiting, they are able to determine whether the website is legitimate or not. This makes legitimate business websites to gain the trust of their customers who are wary of phishing sites that duplicate the business websites to get information from the visitors.

  • History

Extended Validation SSL Certificates came to existence in 2007. Because of its level of security, proper guidelines had been set up in 2008 by the CA/Browser Forum so that only legitimate websites will be able to install EV SSL Certificates.

  • Points of Interest

When a website has an Extended Validation SSL Certificate installed to protect it from third party attacks, the address bar becomes green. The address will also include an ‘HTTPS’ and there will be a secure padlock, which indicates that the website is protected with an EV SSL Certificate. Visitors will trust the website because of these indicators, which will increase the credibility and traffic of the website.

  • Features

Here are some of the features of Extended Validation Certificates that you ought to know.

    • Extended Validation SSL Certificates are compatible with almost all browsers – 99% of it.
    • Extended Validation SSL Certificates offers a warranty amounting to $1,000,000 and up.
    • EV SSL Certificates offer a 256-bit encryption, which is quite strong.
    • Extended Validation SSL Certificates have multiple year contracts.
    • An EV SSL Certificate is even compatible with mobile browsers, making it safe for mobile user to use their phones for shopping and payments.
    • Certificate Authorities offer money back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.
  • Background Process

To be able to obtain an Extended Validation SSL Certificate, a company needs to provide all the necessary information. This is to ensure that only legitimate companies can apply for and get an EV SSL Certificate. Listed below are the requirements for an EV SSL Certificate application:

  • Business documents
  • Domain authentication details
  • Company information such as phone numbers and address
  • Significance

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate is very important as it protects websites and visitors from viruses, malwares and interception from third party entities that want to intercept the data that is being transacted through the website.

When a visitor knows all about extended Validation SSL Certificates for your website, they will increase their trust to your website, which will ultimately increase the integrity, credibility and reliability of your website.


All About Extended Validation SSL Certificates for Your Website| EV SSL Certs

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