Definition of Clear SSL Slate

Meaning of Clear SSL Slate

Many Internet users are confused about the meaning of clear SSL slate. Because this is not being discussed on most websites that talk about SSL Certificates, Internet users are often wondering what the definition of clear SSL slate is. Also, because clearing the SSL slate is not often taught in tutorial blogs, many people are not even aware of SSL slates.

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SSL Slate

An SSL slate is the record of the information of the SSL Certificates of the websites that you have visited. This record is being cleared once you reboot your computer or close your browser, making it unnecessary for you to clear your SSL slate every time you need to use your computer.

Here are some additional facts and further explanation about the SSL slate to help you get to know more about this SSL slate caching.

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  • SSL Certificate Caching

An SSL slate is useful because it enables you to visit and browse an SSL Certificate-protected website without waiting for the certificate to upload whenever the connection of your computer to the website restarts or whenever you navigate through the website.

Because the information about the SSL Certificate of a website is stored on your browser, you do not have to wait for too long to be able to access and view the pages of the website that you are viewing. This makes your browsing experience much more pleasant and speedy.

  • Automatic Clearing of SSL Slate

When you shut down your computer or when you close your browser, your SSL slate cache automatically clears off. Thus, clearing of your SSL slate manually is not necessary. This is the reason why many Internet users are not familiar with SSL slate. Because the practice of clearing the SSL slate cache is not being performed or is not needed to be executed, many Internet users do not have an idea that such a feature exists.

Though this is not very important, especially if you are not usually visiting ecommerce sites or websites that have an SSL Certificate, knowing how to clear your SSL slate helps. This will enable you to correct errors when your browser cannot recognize the website that you are often visiting because there is a problem with the SSL Certificate verification.

  • Importance of Clearing the SSL Slate

If you are having problems when visiting an encrypted site, you might want to clear your browser’s SSL slate. Because your browser might retrieve the wrong certificate or might not be able to perform a proper SSL handshake, you might encounter warning messages or error messages that will prevent you from visiting the site.

To be able to get rid of this problem, you might want to try clearing the SSL slate so that everything will be refreshed and your browser will be able to retrieve the right kind of SSL Certificate and it will be able to do a proper SSL handshake so that the verification process will be correct. This will prevent you from having troubles when you are visiting an encrypted website.


Definition of Clear SSL Slate

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