Choosing the Best Type of SSL Certificate and Security For Your Website

Many people are not aware that most websites they visit are certified and protected by a high technology security system. Even the websites that we visit on a daily basis can be potentially dangerous if unequipped with proper security system. To open a Facebook page, one has to create an account, and to create an account personal information must be encoded into the website. If the information got into the wrong hands, people who would want the use the personal information for all the wrong purposes and has the power to easily jeopardize the lives of Facebook members. This goes the same for websites outside of Facebook, like online shops or online retail stores. To order from these websites, shoppers will need to type in their credit card digits. If the website has poor security, third party programs can hack into the system and steal all the credit card data. A certificate can ensure the growth of websites, without the fear of getting hacked.

This is where the secure socket layer, or SSL, comes in. The SSL certificate acts as a digital certificate that will also provide secure connections between the website and the visitor. With a security certificate, the website owner and the shopper or visitor can be rest assured that any personal information that they have entered won’t be taken or copied by hackers using a third party program. These SSL certificates offer a secure connection, secure hosting and can also be used to secure eCommerce for online stores.

Types of SSL Certificates
The owners of websites or online stores can guarantee their safety as well as the security and privacy of their visitors by investing on an SSL certificate. Before website owners hire an SSL certificate company, they have to determine what type of SSL certificate they need first. There are many different types of SSL certificates to choose from, and all of these certificates have their own special perks and unique purposes. While all types of certificates can provide validation, the levels of these validation processes vary per SSL certificate.

  • Multiple Domain (UCC) SSL Certificate: With the UCC SSL Certificates, site owners can now offer secure hosting for all domains under their website. This is an excellent SSL certificate for websites that are powered by Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and the Microsoft Live Communications Server as well.  GoDaddy is known for having very affordable UCC certs.
  • The Domain Validated SSL Certificate: Visitors of websites with a Domain Validated SSL Certificate will only need to check if the name and the contact number of the applicant will match the information that is in the database of the website. Certificate authorities check all the information that is needed. This type of SSL certificate is the most advisable one for online shops who want to cater to customers who are sensitive with their personal information. With the Domain Validated SSL certificate, visitors or customers need not disclose any personal information regarding their identity.  GoDaddy is also known for having cheap domain validated certs.
  • The Extended Validation SSL Certificate: This type of SSL security is the newest one in the group, and was only introduced in the year 2007. People can tell if a website has this type of SSL certificate because of the green address bar. Compared with the validation process of the Organizationally Validated SSL Certificate, the Extended Validation SSL Certificate has a more stern system. The applicants will be limited to only certain stores or government agencies during their first few visits. Owners of online businesses are encouraged to adapt the Extended Validation SSL Certificate, because among the three types of SSL certificates, it is the one that offers the best security system. The system may be rigid, but it is always better to be safe than sorry!
  • The Wildcard SSL Certificate: Most websites have multiple domains called subdomains. Other types of SSL certificates can only offer secure hosting for just one domain, but with a Wildcard SSL certificate, website owners can be guaranteed that all subdomains will be secured.
  • The Organizationally Validated SSL Cert: An SSL certificate commonly adapted by online shops, the Organizationally Validated SSL Certificate is a type of security system that provides secure ecommerce. The validation process of this particular security certificate is much more rigid when compared with the Domain Validated SSL Certificate. For online stores or retail shops that need to acquire credit card numbers or other highly personal information for business transactions, the Organizationally Validated SSL Certificate is the best choice when it comes to security.

How To Get An SSL Certificate For A Website

There are many companies today that are offering to provide website owners with SSL certificates, however site owners always have to be careful when choosing a company to hire, because there are some SSL certificate companies that aren’t that trustworthy. By hiring a cheap and shady SSL certificate company, site owners will be placing their reputation as well as the information of their visitors in great risk. This is why it is important for site owners to do their research first regarding the best SSL certificate companies.

VeriSign is also one SSL certificate company that is worth investing on, although their services will cost a website owner quite a pretty penny. GoDaddy is also one of the most famous companies in the industry that are providing affordable yet reliable SSL certificatesGeoTrust is another company providing tight and secure SSL certificates. This company is also responsible for providing the SSL certificate for Facebook.

The prices of these SSL certificates will greatly vary on the type of certificate, and the company that is providing that certificate. High-end SSL certificate companies, like VeriSign, a brand of Symantec like Norton, can charge up to $900 per certificate. When it comes to security though, it is always more advisable to invest in something trustworthy, no matter what the costs are.  These certificates are usually non-refundable, and will be valid for about a year. SSL certificate requirements will vary on the company and the type of SSL certificate used.

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  1. That’s right, choosing the right SSL certificate for your website is very important, as it gives you the security to manage a website legally. If someone who doesn’t have the correct knowledge of SSL certificate then, “By hiring a cheap and shady SSL certificate company, site owners will be placing their reputation as well as the information of their visitors in great risk”. So choose right & go on tension free…

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